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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

freeee indeeeeed to lance around ;)

Have given up my freelancing work at The Hindu as the terms and conditions for me to work turned unfavourable. Writing on a wide variety of topics and seeing it published exactly the way it was written, with exactly the same meaning as it was supposed to convey, with no gross editing and lousy spelling mistakes --- ask me the joys of it. Only that it is published on the net and wld not entail a Few thousand Readers. All else being the same ---- the freedom and joy of writing on topics of solely the author's choice, give an entirely different flow and feel. And not to forget the pain of impossible deadlines and peanuts as payment.

I am real glad and happy with life and the way incidents have taken place. I have the freedom to choose and that definitely Ticks.


Have been trying to upload pictures, been unsuccessful.
Going thru a journey in life that can be tedious but haven't even felt the pain of it by god's grace , thus far atleast may I add. Perhaps have been prepared more at the spirit level rather than at the mental level.
Wld the stress of the journey show up as days roll by, is anybody's guess.
Right now have embarked upon it pretty well and will also reveal as to the nature of the journey at the right time. Am very sure lot of well wishers wld give all kinds of pretty unwarranted and maybe even unwanted advices. But the idea is to make the journey even if it turns out to be a bumpy one rather than feeling misplaced and displaced in the place that am at right now :)
Yes the ride cld also be a beautiful, smooth one with no glithches and hitches which i believe this one wld be with an occassional adventure here and there. And definitely a life without an adventure [an unexpected detour but a welcome wild one] wld be a dull and boring one ;)

Am going to keep my fingers crossed, in fact my whole self crossed :) and allow the Man above to direct. Have seen him enough in my life to hope only for the best & rest in the Nest - in and at His Perfect Time. That waiting time is the Patience building exercise. oooooppppppppssssssss

Friday, August 10, 2007

chak de

A good movie. One wld be able to identify with it better if she has been brought up in a male chauvinistic male-dominated family. A constant attempt is made to subjugate, subordinate and subdue a girl in such a family. Obedience for the sake of obedience with no rhyme or reason is expected of such a girl. And a girl who dares to question is termed as a bad, ill- mannered daughter. A girl is always treated different from the boys of the family, she has to get accustomed to do mean jobs even at a very young age as that is her future in her In Laws' place ..... Adjustment is the Euphemism used.. Ha ha ha

Of such families r products like me formed with an allergy to authority & the faintest signs of attempted subordination or possible domination.
There is almost a wild rebuttal instinct formed as the realisation has early dawned that but for self protection ... one wld be made a door mat just as much effortlessly, by one's very own.

This movie made me realise that being in India in the ages and in the family that I belonged to, one has been made very tough due to the circumstances thrust upon.

The Validity and the Probability of the movie in Reality is questionable. Too much of politics is involved in the country for it to be made possible.

But when it comes to doing duties towards the parents it is equally shared whereas the rights to question and enjoy belongs to the Family's SON. People in my country have not developed any brains and r still blind inspite of seeing for fact that most sons go and hide behind their wives leaving their responsibilities to their sisters ..... They perhaps believe that their son wld not do it only to made a fool later.

And so the childless have started preferring daughters to sons and they adopt girls. Ofcourse this cannot be said of all sons and daughters but a majority. There r also sons who let down their wives and support their parents and parents who ill treat their sons in relation to daughters.

What is required is a balance and a via media which i see a long way coming.