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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Have been trying to upload pictures, been unsuccessful.
Going thru a journey in life that can be tedious but haven't even felt the pain of it by god's grace , thus far atleast may I add. Perhaps have been prepared more at the spirit level rather than at the mental level.
Wld the stress of the journey show up as days roll by, is anybody's guess.
Right now have embarked upon it pretty well and will also reveal as to the nature of the journey at the right time. Am very sure lot of well wishers wld give all kinds of pretty unwarranted and maybe even unwanted advices. But the idea is to make the journey even if it turns out to be a bumpy one rather than feeling misplaced and displaced in the place that am at right now :)
Yes the ride cld also be a beautiful, smooth one with no glithches and hitches which i believe this one wld be with an occassional adventure here and there. And definitely a life without an adventure [an unexpected detour but a welcome wild one] wld be a dull and boring one ;)

Am going to keep my fingers crossed, in fact my whole self crossed :) and allow the Man above to direct. Have seen him enough in my life to hope only for the best & rest in the Nest - in and at His Perfect Time. That waiting time is the Patience building exercise. oooooppppppppssssssss


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