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Monday, February 05, 2007

protection to Jesus the Christ

Had been to Church this saturday. Wanted to partake of the Communion. Went in late thinking that the Mass wld have already started :) [ me and my rowdy ways ;) wanted to bunk part of the Mass even] .... but to my disappointment it had not started even. So decided to go back.

When I came out, strangely found two Police Officers there. It was very surprising as it isn't the norm and the Police is outside the Church only on festivals like Christmas and Easter. So decided to be my usual curious questioning self. Asked one of them the reason as to their being there. Initially he lied and gave some other reason. On further probing enquired, whether i had not read the newspaper that day. I answered in the affirmative [ only to discover later that he was talking about that evening's Tamil newspaper which i definitely hadn't gone through].
Then he told me hesitatingly of the wierd incident that had taken place there that day. Somebody had brought the blood of a hen (how did they know that.... perhaps lab tests.... and why not the blood of any other animal???) and put it all over the statue of Jesus, standing outside.

"And these Police officers are giving Protection To Jesus The Christ" thus had commented this notorious self, as she smilingly left the place.

The Jesus, who was put to death by the likes of us and was cleverly protected even in His grave - by Roman Centurions....... the Man who went to His Death as a Lamb to the Slaughter and as silent as a sheep before its shearers; of such a man who gave himself away for ur sake and my sake so that we might have the victory brought to us through His Death {The only case ever told in History that has The Hero Failing, Losing, Dying only to succeed in His Pre - determined Supernatural Purpose, Winning and finally Resurrecting inexplicably (!!!!!!!!)} such a man..
what protection can we give today????

The Paradox that Man is......