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Friday, September 14, 2007

cute cuter cutest :)

say cheeeeesssssssssse

And I said think of me --- and this was the response -- ain't I happy with the product? ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the smoking rock- hoggenakkal

tree tomato

An attempt to have an ear piece of a tree tomato found in the wild of Kotagiri

remember dombragambatti? the real village

Yes, a real village in India that i have visited for the first time in 31 years - one of its kind in this modern era. Very simple and warm people - an experience worthy of a life-time

the super radio

This is a radio in a State transport bus in the State of Tamil Nadu, India going from Chennai to Vellore. It provides entertainment to about 60 people :)

and the indigenous super antenna

And the round copper thing is the antenna for that radio, right next to the author's seat, much to her amusement ;) Anything is possible in India and am i proud of it?

would be meen kuzhambu (fish gravy) in about 2 hours

fish fry - raw material this

Friday, September 07, 2007

dombragambatti, hoggenakkal falls, kotagiri etc

I have no clues why but i am not able to upload pictures. So kindly make do with my writings ;)friends. Have been travelling a lot. Chennai, Kotagiri, Dombragambatti (husband's native place), Hoggenakkal falls and Coimbatore are all palces we have toured in the past month. Chennai was covered many a times in the past 45 days. Been a hectic time in all. Bought a plot as well. Went about checking the details, meeting the lawyer, measuring the area, bargaining with the marketing guys and collecting gold sovereigns ;). Lots more to do in the coming months. Nice experiences. Wonder how I can include all these in a Resume and which employer wld hire me based on these exclusive experiences of mine :)

Dombragambatti is a small T shaped village of just about 2 streets worth mentioning. My Hubby's ancestors are supposed to have originated from that place. Interesting experience that was.
All the people in that village gathered together to see us. From a toddler to the oldest of the lot. They tried to ask us as to who our ancestors were and tried to link to people who had lived there around 60 yrs ago. The linking was not as effective but little did they budge. They told us who our granddad must have been and that he wld have changed his name once he had left that village :)

We were told that our lands were sold and the house in which our supposed granddad lived is retained and they even showed around that house. {When in fact there was no land of ours in that village.}
We were curious about them and they were curious about us. We were in awe of that small real time Indian village just as they were of our life, looks, style and even language.
This village is in the state of Tamil Nadu. The best part of the trip was our photo session. We were taking pictures of the streets, school and the people when a small kid butted in saying "Smile Please" in English to the living subject of our photo session.
I was shocked and started laughing. Now I know why my hubby, his aunts and uncles are the way they are-- can i expect anything less from people of such a palce :) very very strong willed, arrogant yet sweet philanthropes.