cut above the rest

Monday, August 21, 2006

Suffering is precious

Suffering is precious. It gives a deeper dimension and a very different perspective to life ---
to all those who take care not to grow bitter in life due to their experiences.
It becomes easier to understand people going through similar circumstances and those in dissimilar circumstances and it turns out easier to love rather than to judge.

I dont claim that it is easy. It is bloody Painful. But it is every bit WORTH the while!

Take Heart -- the suffering population out there in this broad world -- suffering of all and any kind.
I know that it is a vast majority and hardly anybody exists with absolutely no suffering.

Suffering produces character.
Gold is tested in fire to purify it.
Be brave and look at the suffering in a positive angle as every incident has a positive and a negative to it.

Have fun Living and not just Existing. Enjoy every moment of this Momentary Life.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

courtesy --- my kotagiri resort!!!

"a flower - the size of my face!"--- thus saith the kotagiri mali???