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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ashwath and issidora

My youngest brother got married in a day's notice ;). He wanted to get married in a simple fashion. He told us that he decided about marriage only that day and wanted to get married the very next day. The information was relayed to us over the telephone :).
His friends made the arrangements and he wanted to get married in a temple on the seashore. That he did and we had a nice time.
The Bride is a Bosnian - Brit. Of Bosnian origin but a Brit citizen for 10 years and more. A brilliant lady. A very strong nice - hearted woman. A definite blessing for my brother.
Isi is the name and she wanted to wear a sari. My mom and i draped the silk sari around her which my mom had bought for her. She looked beautiful in it. It was all the more fun because she is 6 feet and a few inches tall. The time of a life that we had in making her sit and make her hair with flowers and all ....
Then the vedic chants and the thali (covenant bond in the form of a necklace with a threaded string and a gold chain.)

Then the whole band went home for a few formalities and then to a restaurant to have dinner.
The marriage party just had the bride, the groom, the bro, sis, mom, bil and a friend of the groom and my mil. That is it. This was a marriage in style and simplicity.
Yes there were also a few broken hearts and loads of hurt - feelings the way it was all done - and lot of ill- will from the relatives who just dont have the strength to handle any of this and are plain astonished at the way we were with them and went about the whole thing.
Yes, we were shocked and maybe even hurt for a while but it was the question of my bro's happiness and the most important event in his life... could we have ever let him down by cribbing, grumbling and admonishing ? What we want is his happiness and eventually found that Isi is a very good person and a very sensible one.
So all is well that ends (begins) well.


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