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Monday, December 18, 2006

time pleaeeaaase

Time please for me to write the next post.
Am very busy these days. My salwar kameez business :) -- have to write an article for the Christmas feature -- MIL's 60th bday celebrations and regular household work as well.

Patience for Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai ;)

Remember my 83 yr old boyfriend with whom i wanted to spend a day in FRIENDS
--- well went and spent a day with him. Had a very nice time.
Spoke to him that night as well as the morning of the next day.
Then as per my habit called him a week later. His servant spoke to me and informed that he had had an accident and that he was critical. The accident had taken place right on the afternoon of the day that i had spoken to him last.
He improved a bit but then only to become critical again.
I know that i am going to miss this dear friend if he goes to be with the Lord, but i also know that there wld be a saint praying for me.

I am but awed at the happenings.


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