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Friday, September 29, 2006

waves ---- waves of it

Had been to the beach with a dear friend of mine in the middle of the night.
The experience --amazing, awesome, thrilling and enthralling all at the same time.
A long time dream, watching the beach in the silence of the night.
It was sooo relaxing that words cannot describe the joy of it.

My friend describes the sea as ' Controlled Agression.' A brilliant choice of words. And very vitally the fact of the matter too. {The Beach - One of my favourite natural locales that awes me and excites me in the least but one of the most feared for my dear hubby that daunts him and shakes him to say the least.}
The cream coloured, horizontal walking crabs that scuttled away from the constant gaze of my camera, the serene breeze and the almost silent company of my friend made it a memorable day or shld i say a memorable night.

Top it and continue it with yet another rendezvous at the beach with my brother in the wee hours of the morning - the gorgeous and spectacular sunrise ( the best ever in my life - atleast to the best of my memory) - the hues of the skies - the slow rising round sun - the volley ball playing people on the beach and also the constant word volleying brother!!
And not to forget the tasty early morning breakfast for the hungry Us.
All these made the eve and the 30th day of the ninth month of the year 2006 an unforgettable one.

I attempted to post a picture from the net but nothing comes as close as to what i really saw.

Oh! The golden rays spreading an aura of gold all around, with the fish filled brown catamarans, returning from the seas and the diagonal line of birds flying at the nick of the moment- taking the moment to the height of scenic delights and to a treasured place in the pages of memory.

Thanks to Bhaiyya and Ashwath.


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