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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Troubling thoughts

Certain thoughts have been going on in my mind.
The level to which our generation is selfish, career oriented and most importantly money hungry!
I live in a country in which our educated and uneducated youth wait for the first opportunity to go abroad to earn hoards of money!
The sufferers as usual other than themselves r their parents. But they choose and their parents r forced!

They r left alone to fend for themselves in their old age with perhaps a bit of financial support for the lucky few, after all the sacrifices that they have done for their young ones.
Then their young ones get married and have children and the most practical and free help in the form of baby sitters---- most naturally their parents as they r very experienced in the art of baby sitting.
The mother and the father take turns to help - most times - one living apart from the other.

It is hard to imagine the plight of those parents. They worked hard to earn and care for the family in their younger days in the hope that they wld be taken care of and lead a comfortable life later.
Now that is out of the question.
Even after all that they have done, still a lot is expected of them and their offspring mistake them if they give their physical inability as a reason for their being unable to help.

R the parents blameless in every way -- no - but who is?
But kindly remember that They r going out of their way.

And after all that--- the only justification is--- 'Is it not their duty as our parents?'
Great and in a little while from now, with the lousy examples that r being set, the fate of this generation wld be far worse!

Effectively they r not able to do justice to their parents, their children nor even their own selves ! Only earn money.

Amongst Hindus is a saying which goes , Human life is a Great Blessing and One is born as a Human after a life of great righteousness and sinlessness else the reincarnated form wld be that of some other living organism.

But with things at this rate, I wld say It is better to be born as any other living organism rather than a human being.


  • there is a saying that means: people spend the first half of their lives trying to earn money, and the other half thinking of how to spend it :)

    people in general are greedy, they can never have enough... the point is, when people run after money, they forget how to "live" and enjoy life's tiny details... and when they finally realize that, it's just too late...

    In our religion, it's a must to respect your parents and take care of them when they grow up. It is forbidden to say "No" to them if they ask us to do something, as long as what they're asking us to do is not something God asked us not to.

    Maybe that's why most parents in our countries don't worry that much about getting old... they know that their kids will always be there for them no matter what :) i hope that this situation would never change!

    By Blogger Rain Drop, at 6:23 AM  

  • Blessed r the parents in such countries.That is very good for them.And may the situation only become better for them as well as for parents world over.

    By Blogger rowdyrascal, at 7:48 AM  

  • I got an entirely new perspective. Is it not the Parents who incite the children to do well and feed their ambitions to go abroad?
    Later they regret. The children once into something big cannot dream of coming back.
    This point of view never struck me.

    By Blogger rowdyrascal, at 7:55 AM  

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