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Monday, June 19, 2006

home for charity or orphange ------ which of it?

A charity home and an orphange are words used interchangeably in the world today.
I honestly think that they are antonyms.

The reason -- a recent visit to an orphange here.

This orphange is actually a home for the dying destitute. It houses around 80 women inmates most of whom are mentally retarded, and of varying ages. And also that women dying on the streets are picked up atleast to give them a dignified death.
A few nuns dedicatedly and self-lessly run the show with the help of a few other hired workers.

The motive of the founder, ' No human being should die on the streets as humanity has a certain dignity attached to it.'

They are not self-sufficient as they are situated in a forlorn area and not much help comes their way as people in the town don't even know the existence of this place.
A better place was rejected by the founder as she wanted the house to remain in the midst of her people ----THE POOR.

And this is what I call a Charity home, a home filled with love and charity though the inmates might be 'Orphans' as per the definition of the world.
Would they be better off even if they had been in their own houses with their so-called people?

The first time I visited this place I was uncontrollable. The reality of their situation was too much for me to handle. Any disdain for them --- definitely not.
They fight, shout and do other wild things---- yes naturally-----they are not in their right minds.
But how many of the so-called sensible, intelligent and mentally healthy people do the very same things and while away their entire lifetime in feelings of hatred?
Is our world any differnt from theirs?

And as I started out towards my house the gate was closed by a smiling (only male) inmate, who is mentally challenged, as per our terms.

At the end of it all I couldn't but realise how blessed we are and how much of life & things in our life do we take for granted!!!
And not to forget our (immensely vital?) priorities of superseeding others in terms of looks, health,wealth, education, job e.t.c. !!!!!


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