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Monday, June 05, 2006

a friend goes forlorn

Why would a friend suddenly distance himself? He calls it his need for space and freedom. I have my doubts. I wonder whether I have hurt him through my words!! I checked and he denies. I have even apologised. I am confounded.

Oh my heart!!! It doesn't understand the moods of the friend. It aches for his prompt sms es and what to say of the pain of not having long chats over the telephone?

Why doesn't my friend understand the pain that he is giving me.? He will not understand because he is not like me. He will only think that I am over reacting and refer to me as the enforcing woman.
How long will I have to wait for him to get back to his mood?
Is he avoiding me? Have I treaded into his not-to-be-touched territory?
Or is it just a matter of simple and plain self-control so that he doesn't get very attached and emotionally charged????

Patience I believe is the name of the game, as in all other relationships especially if the friend is new found and the relationship is only in the growing stage.

Years and years go into building a relationship.
I am willing to give this relationship the time and the nurturing, for in a long time have I found a good friend and hope and pray that this relationship lasts a life-time.

This relationship is very important for me as well as for the Teacher.

The consolation that a friend can give ( a friend who uses his heart and not just his head) -----
And Oh ...... The sweet soothing balm that a friend can be!!!!

And this also brings to mind an incident that took place years back. Yet another friend just stopped talking to me. I used to feel so bloody miserable that I would cry endlessly and even go to the extent of begging her as to the reason for her indifference.
But she couldn't care less and that was the end of our relationship.
I tried my best but of no avail and after a point neither could I care less ( but reaching that point of DONT CARE was not easy for me.)

One of the first few things that I told my Husband after marriage was that the one thing that I cannot handle was a sulking man. I said, "If u r annoyed yell at me, fight with me or perhaps even beat me, but please for heaven's sake and my sake..... do not go without speaking. It really kills me." Why ? I have no clues.

Any difference can be voiced out and sorted out but silence in my opinion in this context does no good.

And now the case in context------ had a tete-a-tete with my friend only to find out that it was just a matter of mood swings, boredom and nothing more.
I am glad that the whole episode has ended on a positive note.


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