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Monday, June 26, 2006

comedy of errrors

Thought would unquote some of the quotes that I have heard over the period of years.

My former boss, "I have travelled all over the world but I have never seen anything like this. You look like twins."

A Pakistani Taxi-driver in Dubai, "How is that person related to u?" The answer begot an exclaimed, "Mashaallah! U look like siblings."

My Hair-stylist here in Vellore, "Hasn't Anna (elder brother) come?" I asked, "Whose Anna, yours or mine?"

Do U remember my vegetable-vendor, Orange?
Her outrageous question this morning, prompted this blog.
In her hurry to have a drink of water and not seeing clearly, she asked my Mom-in-law,
"Who is sitting there? Is it Anna or Akka(elder sister)?"

This is to say, that all these people and many others were referring to My Husband and Me.
Remember we are not, even remotely related to each other, I mean literally as well as in our Natures.
We are Poles apart.
I wonder how people across the globe seem to think alike!

Sometimes I contemplate as to how I am supposed to react to all this.
Do I have to feel ashamed, as some in our family circle do or do I thank God for a Wierd Gift like this?

Even my own mother gets confused with our voices and surely she is not the only one.

I hope and pray that all this continues and the merger- of 2 beings into One Body, One Soul and One Spirit- remains rock solid by God's Grace.


  • i missed you :) i just hope that your doing well and that everything is ok on your side :)
    hope to hear from you soon :)
    take care :)

    By Blogger Rain Drop, at 10:33 AM  

  • Thanks rain.It is humbling.Just busy with my mother-in-law's ill health. Household work so tiring that blogging seems a bit too much to ask for.Can i say "love u friend"? Thanks for being there and thinking abt me. Pray as well.

    By Blogger rowdyrascal, at 12:43 AM  

  • glad to have u back :) i hope that your mother in law gets better soon :)
    thank you for being so sweet, may God bless you :)

    By Blogger Rain Drop, at 6:41 AM  

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