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Monday, May 22, 2006

kotagiri --- nilgiris

What a lovely place Kotagiri is?? Words cannot describe the beauty and majesty of the place. I wldn't say so in terms of the sights around, as Munnar is far more picturesque; but in terms of the weather in the simmering hot month of May, the wildlife around, the silence of the valley and so on and so forth.

The silence of the valley is such that one can hear one's own heart-beat and the sound of breathing seems a little too loud....

The generous and kind Bhaiyya (brother) that I have there, his house in the midst of a tea estate surrounded by tall trees all over, the beautiful flowers, the strawberry plants in his house, his man's best friend ---- a calm and soft-hearted labrador that doesn't bite even forgetfully ----- to such levels has it been tamed----- the long mid-night drives in search of wild-life in his Royal Tata Sierra--- the scuttling brownish-grey rabbits with glaring red eyes, the shy wild-boars and the unforgettable huge and daunting Male bison ---- all these and more have made this trip a truly Magnificent One---And One of the most Fascinating journeys of my Life-time.

And what does my Bhaiyaa do for an earning --- yet another intriguing tale---- He grows beautiful and gorgeously coloured Carnations (flowers) in his farm and sells them.

And what can I say about the mouth-watering barbecued Fish, Chicken and Paneer Tikkas?? The indigenous barbecue of bricks and coal, planned and and set-up within a blink of an eye-lid, and that which yielded warmth and tasty delicacies for the 12-14 degree centigrade cold nights of Kotagiri.
I call it cold because I hail from a place that is 30 degrees centigrade at night, in the month of May ---- and to imagine my delight and awe in discovering that a place such as Kotagiri exists at only 380 kilometres from here!!!!!

Sorry guys have to disappoint you --- no picture of my bhaiyya --- objection sustained.
The other pictures r for all to see and relish.


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