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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the best birthday gift ever!!!!

What can possibly be a beautiful, creative, cute and cuddly b'day gift that a wife can possibly give her husband? And mind U that it definitely has the scope to become the best ever-received gift. Is ur grey matter tickling and tingling?
Yeah it is a beautiful child.
Such is the luck that a dear friend shares. Or should I say that such is the gift that my friend has received from his wife and most definitely The Almighty One.
Can we treat it as just coincidence or should we regard it with reverence as the perfectly planned gift from Heaven perhaps to heal the many Wounds.......
I have also heard of other instances where a child born on the b'day of the Late Mother and yet one another sharing the same star and sex of the Late Mother, immediately after the demise of The Mother have proven to be profound instances of healing and moments of great faith.
The kids thus born r regarded as the gifts from the departed one and sometimes even regarded as a reincarnation of that person.
Some of us wld not bother much but for some others it is a source of IMMENSE HEALING. The kind that is rare.

And now is the time to share a secret---- a desire that I have had in my Being for long--------To have a Child on My B'day. Today I realise that these desires can really come to Pass through the will of The One Above.
But Plans changed.
So now I desire to give it as the Best Ever B'day gift to my Beloved and to imagine the Joy if it is a much expected yet Delayed Arrival. I cannot but revel in the expression of joy and happiness and tears on the face of my Poor Husband. Not to forget the gratitude towards God thru which he wld Receive the Bundle of Joy.........


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