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Sunday, April 30, 2006

veyil uru ----- that vellore is

The days r soooo hooootttt that one cannot imagine venturing out into the sun, not even upto to the nearest netcafe to blog. Foregoing the joy of blogging turns out to be, but a little sacrifice.
And so the lull in the appearance of new posts.

One prefers to sit tight in a room comfortably with the aircondition to full blow, reading books, sipping cold lemonade.
Even if one braves the heat and ventures out in an auto-rickshaw or a car, it is only to finish a given important task and rush back to the room at the earliest.

So have got nothing more to do than to anticipate the onset of the teacher's vacation to set out to the beautiful hills of Kotagiri in the Nilgiris, for a much required break and hopefully a joyous time with the friend there in his farm of lovely carnations and maybe other beautiful flowers as well. I have heard that he has rabbits for visitors at his farm.
And am I excited to drive down?

So keep ur eyes and ears open for the upcoming blogs.


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