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Monday, March 20, 2006

the real test of character

The acid test to determine the real character of a person----- Give that person some good quantum of money and say, " Give it back at ur convenience."
And man is it foolishness at its height? U have to be as brave-hearted and as stupid as I have been.
Virtual disappearance from that person's priority listing and sight is the next consequence other than the feeling of being used and thrown out straight into the dust-bin.
Bottles and bottles of tears run into the drain and loads and loads of humiliation------ the dessert topping. More so, when U intend to be kind and good enough not to ask the money back.
There are times when U are ignored to levels that, U start to question the very existence of the being.
And after years and years of unwarranted and perhaps even unnecessary patience and goodness, if U bother even to hint at the possibility of a pay-back, all that U receive is a
blank stare, switched-off mobile and no response at all ends and by all means.

At the end of the endeavour, U end up wondering as to why people rub U on the wrong side all the time and why is it that they love to bring out the worst in U?

As I conclude I remember my sister-in-law's wise remark, "Don't expect people to know their limits. U tell them what their limits are."
Isn't that a positive note to conclude the month's heavy trial of give me my due rigorous scheme of events????
Wish had spoken to that wise young lady much earlier.


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