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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

of the possessive nature

I wonder why some women/men r extremely possessive of their husband/wife that it even borders on suspicion and distrust.
Love cannot possibly be the cause, as in love--- trust and freedom form the foundation.

It is the fear of losing that person to somebody else and this comes up with constant comparison of the self with others.
Deep rooted insecurities can be another reason especially if the marriage has resulted in their betterment in every sense of the word. Sadly though, partners r treated more as things rather than living and breathing human-beings.

This type of behaviour wld only stifle the relationship. The possessed partner wld start acting in front of the other. He/she wld cringe and feel disgusted about the whole thing in their beings.
The words Love and Respect fly straight out of the marriage.The relationship turns sour and traumatic for both. On the ouside everything wld look calm and beautiful as in the case of all made-up things.

Communication can be a major key and an understanding & patient partner wld be a great blessing but only in the cases in which the afflicted partner is willing to see reason and understand.

But in some cases it can just be a means to achieve what one expects of the other------there--- God alone can help.

This is true not just of a marriage but of every relationship.

To conclude---- a lesson from nature---for the possessive one.
Pick up some sand and try holding it in the palm. U wld be quite successful. Then close the palm into a fist. Check now. Pretty unsuccessful. Even the little that was, slips through.

Breathe and allow others to breathe.


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