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Monday, March 27, 2006

hellllllllooooo theereee!!!!!

Been a hectic week of courtesy calls, mobile purchases, shopping, shopping and more shopping.
The tides have been low too. Very low infact.

Have ended up with a Sleek, Blllaaack Masculine Nokia 6030 after endless hours of research. A friend's interpretation of the 6030 (a full and a half. Of what ? anybody's guess!)

Went visiting an aunt who is seriously sick. Wonder whether the rapid improvement in medical technology is a blessing or a curse? Have seen people suffer as they r not allowed to die in peace. And that too in the name of life-saving surgeries and life saving equipments like the ventilator.
What is the point in saving their lives ? Is just breathing equivalent to living? The torture that the patient goes through in body, soul and spirit-----what of it? How selfish can the near and dear ones get? Why not let them be? Why fear death, even when we know that it is inevitable?

This is how I feel today. Will I change tomorrow? Needs to be seen.

Also turned into a Reptile murderer this mid-week. Flushed a Lizard, that was making its Escape to Victory ( a Stallone movie that I liked), in the toilet.
Please forgive me, O' U members of the Blue Cross.


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