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Sunday, March 05, 2006

feeling down and out

Wish my dear one realises how very precious he/she is to me.
Wish he/she realises the amount of pain that he/she is giving the family by his/her wayward ways.
Wish he/she goes closer to God.
Wish that he/she realises that his/her acts, are almost disrupting the faith of the whole family.

Oh so!!!! The pain of betrayl, the heart-brokeness of dear ones, the tears of the beloved, the wrong (ill-fated) seeds that r being sown ---- the harvest of which is bound to be self- destructive, the seemingly unanswered prayers; what else can I say?

Trust in man, whoever it might be, turns out to be a fallacy and an impossibility.
U almost feel, that even God is not worth the trust anymore; but naturally (when I cannot trust the loved one I see, how in the world can I trust the god that I don't see??? )

U reach the tethers end and feel like telling the Lord, "Please, enough is enough. This world is too much for me. Gather me into ur arms and take me away from this wretched place, where only bloody ungrateful pigs live."
U are treated like a dust-bin ---- used and thrown away - for some god-damn selfish reason of his/hers.

But my God teaches forgiveness, He who was in far deeper pits than the ones I am in today. Have no choice. Got to go, sit at his feet and get the grace to forgive, get healed and move ahead. The consequences for my dear one --- needs to be seen.

I can only hope and pray that his/her ways be changed and something good comes out of the whole experience for each of us.


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