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Sunday, February 19, 2006

this valentine's day

Gave a well-meaning card to my lover ( read as husband) and in return got the best ever gift. The GIFT gives me enough enthusiasm to shower upon him such and many more surprises for a long time to come.
It was a tear in his small but expressive lovely eyes. The same brought a well of tears in mine too and taught a lot about the love we share for each other and how much the two of us have grown together as people.It showed me how invaluable we r to each other.
At the same time it gives me courage to continue in the future as ONE, irrespective of our mistakes and love each other for what we r and not what we r expected to be----unconditional love as I call it.

P.S. ( the card said that he is god's finest gift to me)

(((((Am I not smart?????)))))


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