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Thursday, February 02, 2006

a new bed mate

The other day was resting peacefully on the bed at 11.00 p.m. Infact was almost closing my shutters,in a pitch dark room, thoroughly geared up to enter the world of dreams and what do i see !!!!!!! All of a sudden ..... a bright light glowing ------- exactly next to me, right away on my bed.
Remember that i am a city-bred.
And what i saw made me hold my breath for quite some time. He was the tiny but mighty cute ----- GLOWY------ the glow worm- blinking his way into glory. The beautiful fluorescent green glow was stupendous. I coulnd't even believe my eyes--- and little did i even imagine in my beautiest (((if there is such a word))) of dreams that this was even remotely possible on this Glorious Globe.
Then i took my palm very close to him and as though to close him in and he started blinking all the more brighter and his little body swelled.

And what could i say........ but O' Lord how great though art???

It refreshed my whole night and the awesomeness of the whole incident took me in and I became as fresh as a fish
and MOTHER SLEEP took a very long time to come and lull me by.


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