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Sunday, February 26, 2006

the emancipation of women???? is it really so?

When I went and watched the movie Rang de basanti in the theatre all on my own I was elated. This was the first time I did it without a sense of guilt. Once earlier I did the same without the knowledge of people in the house. When I was a teenager and even later, I was not allowed to go to the theatre even with my brothers or friends. An adult had to accompany us, to take me and most times it was not possible. They were tooo busy for me.
The result---- My brothers wld go and I'd end up crying. Oh so many times has it happened. So when I got this new found freedom was I happy!!!!!
Remember in India it is just not done. Women never go to theatres alone. So for me it was a glorious moment of WOMEN' S LIBERATION.
Only till I heard the story of my vegetable vendor. She told me that her brother gets angry with her when she uses kajal or kohl on her eyes or flowers for her hair, as she is estranged from her husband. This inspite of the fact that she is not dependant on him financially.
And another story of a girl brought up with a lot of freedom and independence, sleeping with a friend not her boyfriend and regretting later.

What do I make of all of this? What is freedom and who draws the limits?


  • well i think freedom is only a way of life....its our life nd we have to draw our limits... we have to decide whether we want to go smewhere with boys or not...this is not the age where only women have to compromise... :)

    By Blogger sonali, at 5:13 AM  

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