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Sunday, January 22, 2006

live as though there were a no tomorrow

just returning from a lousy hindi movie infact midway. when i think of hindi movies i associate it with good looking guys and gals and some lovely music.
my all time favourite hindi song is the title song from the movie muqadar ka sikandar featuring the great bollywod icon AMITABH BACHAN .
zindagi to bewafa hai ek din tukraegi
mouth mehaboba hai saath lekar jayegi
zindagi ki e ada jo duniya ko siklayega
woh muqadar ka sikandar janeman kehlayega

which is to say that life will leave u midway, death is the only constant which wld take u along with it . he who realises this wins over destiny .this implies that it is imperative to live as though that this were ur last day on the earth .........meaning.........SETTING PRIORITIES RIGHT.


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