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Thursday, January 26, 2006

26 jan 2005

On 26 January 1950 the Constitution of India was framed after having gotten its Independence from the hands of Britishers on the 15 of August 1947. This day of 26 January is celebrated as the Republic Day in India. It is a national holiday.
A national parade is conducted in New Delhi, to show the country's military prowess and its cultural diversity on a united platform ,by all the States of India for the benefit of the citizens of India and of course for Whoever Else cares to watch.
This year the King of Saudi, King Abdullah is the honoured Chief Guest. Quite a few expect, development in trade and bilateral relationship with Saudi Arabia. And the King of Saudi expects improvement of relationship with India as well as Pakistan. It needs to be seen as to how the whole thing is going to work out.
There r lot of interesting programmes in the local channels on television today and quite a range of the patriotic Bollywood movies on the Hindi channels.
As for me I have been blogging and driving around. Life is fun and am also expecting some interesting guests in the evening. Will be busy for the next 3 days especially with a cute nephew of mine.
So wish u all a very happy day too and a word..........LIVE LIFE KING-SIZE.


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